Thursday, March 26, 2015

Follow the Hollow!

Such a treat getting to know the founder of my favorite new makeup line, Charlotte Tilbury, at a dinner hosted by the amazing Bag Snob this week. She gave us all a little tutorial on her incredible products and taught us to contour by sucking in our cheeks and then "follow the hollow!" It was a blast and I couldn't wait to share some of my favorite products from her line with you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tablescape Tuesday: Easter Egg Cup Place Cards

Easter is my favorite time of year!  I love the deeper meaning behind the season but I also love the bright and cheerful way we celebrate this time that reminds us of our greatest blessings.  

Here is a detail from our the Easter Egg Cup Place Cards I created using Lemons to add a bright and cheerful touch to our table.  I simply pulled bright Meyer Lemons and made a small slice in them to hold the cards.

Here are a few links so that you can shop the look:

Blue and White Platter - Similar
Blue and White Egg Cups - I love these!  - On my wish list!
White Egg Cups - Similar but these are on sale!
Green Glass Plates - similar.  I snatched mine at an Estate Sale but these are pretty too!
Yellow Napkins - I had mine monogrammed by Halo Studio.

Photography by Kelsey Foster
Styling by Hilary Walker
Food Styling by Stephanie Greenwood
Calligraphy by Halo Studio
Flowers by Hope Hill Desgin

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: First Day of Spring!

We have been prepping for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and I couldn't wait to share these stunning Azaleas with you!  More photos of the centerpieces to come!  For details from our previous hunts, click here!

The perfect little spring/summer dress. Just ordered it and I have a feeling like it will be the one I throw on all the time!

Speaking of Egg Hunts, have your ordered your little one a bonnet yet?

This bathing suit is sold out everywhere but you can get it with this link! 

Love this article about the different ways that people see humor!

These are my favorite evening bags ever!

I'm going to pester you about buying tickets for MTV ReDefine Event or Pre-party because my sisters and I have been working hard on it as co-chairs!  I hope you will join us!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Perfect Playdate Snack: Citrus Salsa

I just love getting to create fun, easy and entertaining ideas for my family so when Sunkist asked me to come up with a few video ideas, I was thrilled!  Here is the first in a series that I can't wait to share with you about a delicious Citrus Salsa that we made.  I hope you like it!  I know my son does!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Proper Portraits: The Amazing Stella Ehrich

It's spring and that means that the amazing Stella Ehrich is headed back to Dallas!  I just love it when I get the email from her that she is headed my way.  She is one of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure to meet. 

A few years ago, she painted a portrait of my son and he just fell in love with her too!  At the age of five, this was the first adult he referred to as his "friend" and it truly warmed my heart.  She captured every detail of his charming little spirit and physical traits that made me smile as well.  She even caught that his second toe on his left foot slightly crosses over the third, just like my father's does.  

But I am not the only mother who has been thrilled with Stella's work.  Here are some excerpts from some notes that mother's have sent to her after they have received the portraits:

"Honestly, there are no words to describe my endless gratitude to you for creating such a beautiful portrait of my love, Hannah.
You have created a perfect reflection of the most precious gift in my life, my daughter.
Your generous, kind spirit is so beautiful  and comforting. Thank you for all that you are. You too are a gift "
    Sandra Magsamen

"Well, I am finally over my emotional reaction to seeing Will's portrait.  (She burst into tears when she walked into the studio.)  You have done a remarkable job of capturing his essence and channeling it through his eyes and smile into your painting.  There is something very much like the Mona Lisa in his face - you have caught a spectrum of emotions in this single expression.  I could not be one iota happier.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
 Gayle Brindley

So, now it is your turn to meet Stella and commission a work.  She will be in Dallas April 16th - 28t and you don't want to miss this wonderful opportunity to meet with her.  You can read a bit more about the process of the portrait by clicking here.  I know you will be as happy with it as I have been.  I can't wait for my daughter to reach the age of five so that we can have her sit for Stella!

Please give her a call at 802-922-3989 or email her at

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