Tuesday, April 28, 2015

All about the Sideboard

I rely very heavily on my sideboards when I entertain.  I have one in my dining room and one in my formal living room and I can't believe how much they get used!  They are the perfect height for a buffet, a bar or even just a place to put out some nuts or nibbles during cocktails.

So when I put together this Lemon Yellow Tea Party in honor of that famous British Baby that we are all anxiously awaiting, I decided that the reliable old sideboard deserved a special post of it's own.

I keep telling you that the punch bowl is back and I totally mean it!  A punch bowl and a sideboard go together like peanut butter and jelly!  There are tons of options for great punch recipes depending on the season but I love this Lo-Cal Minty Lemonade Recipe from Sunkist.  To be honest, it was kind of the starting point for the color scheme and theme of my tea party!  Of course, I thought the yellow was perfect since we don't know the gender of the Royal Baby yet and this punch recipe is so refreshing for Spring and Summer.

 I set out an a few glasses for our guests that were already garnished with a lemon slice but instead of leaving the napkins plain, I tied in our royal theme by stamping each of them with a rubber crown stamp that I found in my daughter's princess arts and crafts set.

Of course, I added a simple sweet treat as well with a Lemon Bundt Cake.  Simple trick: use the zest of the lemon to add a bit of color and embellishment to the top.  

Anyhow...I hope you are having as much fun anticipating the Royal Baby's arrival as I am! Of course, these ideas can be applied to any function from baby shower to birthday party!

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