Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Fast Fix Kit

Do you have a wardrobe emergency? How many times have you noticed deoderant on your dress or run in your hose? It happens to me all the time!
I have finally learned to keep a Fix it Kit in my drawer. Her are the contents:
-A sewing kit that I took from a hotel
-Super Glue to adhere a flapping heel
-Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit ($13) could truly save your favorite outfits. It contains separate cleaners for earth-, protein-, and oil based stains. They are perfect for me because I rarely have a coffee with out spilling it on my blouse!
-Rubber Bands are the perfect way to get a few extra inches out of your pants. At the begining of my pregnancy, I would put it through the buttonhole in my pants and then loop it around the button!
-Sharpies in black and brown are the perfect fix it for scuffed shoes.
-You can shorten your slacks and jeans so that you can wear them with flats or heels the re-usable adhesive snap strips from Hemming My Way ($22 for 4).
-Dryer Sheets can quickly get rid of static in everything from your dress to your hair!
-Hollywood Fashion Tape ($9 for 36)is a lot like double stick tape that can adhere to your skin. It can hold your bra straps, reattach hems, or manage a low cut neck line.

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