Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Letter Art

When I stumbled on this idea from Emily Johnston Larkin  of EJ Interiors I couldn't wait to share it.  I am so sentimental and I love the art of letter writing so this idea really struck a chord in me.  In a nutshell, she found some old letters that her client saved and blew them up in size on a copier and framed them! So fantastic!

Check out Emily's Blog, Material Girls Blog, for more amazing inspiration!

After my grandmother passed away, my father found a box of letters that my grandparents exchanged many many years ago.  I love that she saved them.  It was so romantic.  She had bundled them in ribbons and put them in the attic.  I want to do this for my dad with his parents letters!  What do you think?

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  1. Thanks Kim! My love language is WORDS and I too, am so sentimental. These notes have created great conversation in my living room. Emily is such a fun and professional designer, and I'm very happy you recognized her work here.